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Terms of Consignment:

1. Items will be put on the floor as quickly as we can tag them and enter them into inventory. Items may
also be photographed and marketed on our website. The website is not an e-commerce site so sales
will not be made from our website. Interested parties must call our office to purchase.
2. Design Re-Find will strive to get the “selling price” you want for your item(
s), but reserves the right to
reduce the selling price, if necessary, based on demand and experience with like items.
3. Items consigned under this agreement are not covered under DRF insurance. DRF is not liable for
any loss due to fire, theft or any other unforeseen circumstances. DRF is not liable for any damage to
items while in transit or on the premise. Insurance for all items on consignment is the responsibility of
the consignor.
4. Delivery: the cost of delivery to and from us is to be provided by Consignor. We can provide
assistance with moving if needed.


Terms of Sale:

1. Merchandise is consigned for Ninety Days (90), commencing on the first day they are tagged and
entered into inventory after we have a signed inventory and agreement form.
2. After 30 Days, we may reduce the original price by 10%, and after 60 days, we may reduce the
original price by 20%, and after 90 days, we may reduce the original price by 30%.
3. On the ninety-first (91st) day after commencement of the contract, and 90 days have elapsed, items
not sold will enter a (10) t
en-day GRACE period. It will be the CONSIGNORS responsibility to
arrange for pick-up, delivery, or make arrangements for an extension to the agreement. (THIS TEN
4. On or after the One hundred twelfth day (112th) after commencement of this contract, and once our
notification either by e-mail, US Postal Service mail, or telephone call, all unsold items covered by
this agreement still in possession of DRF, without arrangements being made (i.e.. pickup, donation,
etc.) will be considered abandoned property under Georgia law, and will become the sole property of
Design Re-Find Inc. Please Initial Your Understanding: INT____________
5. All merchandise consigned under this agreement must remain in the store until at least the 91st day or
will be subject to a $25.00 early termination fee if removed before term end.


Terms of Payment:


1. Consignor (you) will receive (50%) fifty percent of the net proceeds. Checks will be issued around
the 15th of the month following the sale of the items.
2. Payments are made by check and will be mailed to the consignor (you).


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